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GPS Scavenger Hunt Game

The best scavenger hunt game to hit Android, iOS and Amazon!


Find loot bags in your local town or explore a whole new area! Become the best scavenger in your local area by taking all the loot bags and owning the properties around you.


While you are exploring the area, watch out for other Zaplooters as they may attempt to loot you. Try to create a team with your local Zaplooters to gain all benefits.

Buy Properties

Buying properties near your location will help you gain a daily gold bonus. Watch out for other players trying to loot your property as they can make you go out of business!



Will you be able to be on the national leaderboards? Will you be known as the best looter in the area? It is competitive out there so good luck!

Earn Gift Cards

We want to reward you for exploring. Redeem the gold in the game for gift cards to your favorite places like Best Buy, Chipotle and/or Amazon!

Constant Updates

We love watching the game evolve each week so we are committed to releasing updates every month to make sure you are enjoying our game!

Try Zaploot TODAY!

Download it now and start playing our scavenger hunt game!


We want you to walk around your neighborhood and become more active. We don't want society to be sitting on their couch playing video games. We live in a high tech world that we can now get up and play games while we move!

Game for All

Everyone can play with you!

Easy Excercise

Motivate you to take a few extra steps.

Android & iOS

Compatible with Android and Apple!

Earn Gift Cards

Redeem your gold for gift cards!


Zaploot is the best scavenger hunt game on the app store!

Most Common Questions

We will answer the most common questions people ask us...

How can you give gift cards out?

Easy, with the amount of time you spend on the app we can payout gift cards due to our advertisers.

Why do you need to know my location?

The app uses your GPS location to help drop loot bags in your area. Since the app is based off of your location this is an essential piece of information.

How can I invite my friends?

We have a referral program, after you login click on the user icon on the top right and you will find your referral number.

Who made Appazap?

It is made up of 3 people, we've been in the industry for years, maybe one day you will find us on Zaploot!

How can I feature my business on Zaploot...

Easy email us at with the subject: Affiliate Op

What are your future plans for Zaploot?

We are looking to expand the app every month, our plans continue to get bigger, if you have any ideas feel free to email us!

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